Is Life Passing You By?

Several years ago, I ran into a roadblock. I was in my early thirties and had just moved to America. After all the excitement wore off, reality set in, and I found myself feeling stuck and questioning the direction my life was headed. It felt like everyone around me was moving forward with purpose while my life remained at a standstill.

That is, until I refused to stay behind.

My way forward came through an unforeseen path. During that season, I sensed the Lord prompting me to write a blog—which, at the time, I sensed would be for nothing else except the development of a gift that had
remained dormant within me for far too long.

After a year of yielding to this process, I began writing a book. Blogs turned into chapters, and chapters turned into a manuscript. Nothing came of that original draft, but a lot had been awakened within me. Eventually I wrote another book which I self-published, which opened other paths for me to grow and advance in my calling.

My leaders began to recognize the gift I had to write and to create content, and they began to give me writing projects to work on. Over time, a Content Developer role was created for me, which became my full-time job. I’m now the Content Director and have worked on many projects including creating online courses, eBooks, and producing Podcasts—just to name a few. And now I’ve released my third book, Level Up—which Messenger International
has published!

Looking back, I can see how the trajectory of my life was altered by simply responding obediently to the promptings I had sensed to write a blog. I’ve learned that more seems to happen when we proactively move into the future rather than passively waiting for the future to come to us.

What desires have you suppressed? What promptings have you ignored? Perhaps it’s time to revisit them and to move in that direction? They could be the very thing that propel you to your next level.

Keep the Fire Burning!!!


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